Christmas was wonderful this year, because the boys were finally old enough to really understand what was going on. All four kids were so excited, and loved being the center of attention.

The boys also really bonded with Drew(my oldest brother) who had flown in for the holidays. Even now the boys still ask when he is coming back.

Christmas morning:

Santa brought the boys their very first trikes.

Julia got a very fancy bike.

Lydia got her first ever bike with speeds.

The boys refused to unwrap any of their gifts alone, so all of their unwrapping was a team effort.

Julia was very excited to get her Barbie camcorder.

Lydia got more Bratz dolls than she had ever dreamed of.

Playing outside:
Sawyer took a nap and missed out on the pictures...but the other three had a lot of fun testing out their new wheels!

It took Lydia no time to get the hang of changing speeds on her new bike.

Julia is already talking about a new helmet that matches the purple bike better.

Spence thought he was hot stuff!

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