Feb. 16-19:
Camille and I decided to surprise Steve by showing up at Vegas when he was on a business trip...much to OUR suprise his trip was delayed a day, so we had one night alone in Sin City! I postponed my flight home so I could spend an extra night with Steve....we had a BLAST! Use the scroll bar to the right to see our pictures below!


Steve and I enjoyed the time together.

Camille and I after seeing a show.

My sister and I met a REAL LIVE showgirl!

I put one quarter in & got a purseful back!

Camille next to 1 million in cash!

Me at the Mirage near the waterfalls

Look...an Elephant!

Watching the dolphins

Camille and I got locked up at Excalibur

Camille and I with the New York, New York casino behind us.

Was I in Vegas or a rain forest?

Camille and a camel...

Camille by our hotel's sign!

Good-bye Vegas!!

Hope you enjoyed my pictures!

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