YAY! The warm weather is here!

After being stuck in the house for months, the kids actually got to go play outside, and they were so excited! The girls decorated my mom's wooden play fort, and had so much fun. The boys just ran around like little fools and had a blast.

This is the perfect time of year...once summer hits it will be too hot for afternoon playtime outside, but rightnow its in the 80s and beautiful.

Hope you enjoy our pictures!

The Fort

Little Drivers


...and all the rest...

Sawyer hasn't quite gotton the hang of t-ball yet.

Spencer loves hiding in the rose bushes

Julia has sidewalk chalk all over her hands!

Lydia likes to just hang around...

...we don't need toys when we have gravel to play with...

Sawyer finds himself to be quite funny.

A rare moment when Julia isn't climbing like a monkey...

Lydia enjoying the great outdoors....to play Gameboy?

Sawyer climbing up the ladder

Spence says, "Wait for me Bubba!"

Julia, the monkey, at it again...

Time to go in Spencer..and leave the flowers ALONE!



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