Lydia is 11, but sometimes I think she must be going on 30. She is smart as a whip, and nothing gets past her. She spends her free time playing her Gameboy and reading books so fast that it is hard to keep up with her. She still loves horses, and plans on being a vet. When she is at home she snuggles her cat Lacey, the cat that only likes her. She is also a great big sister, and helps her sister and brothers whenever she can.

Julia is 9 and still wild as ever. She looks like a dainty little flower, with her angel's face and blue eyes, but she is anything but feminine. She prefers catching bugs outside and running around like a madwoman. She is finally getting the help she needs at school and her grades got her onto the A-B honor roll last session. Even as tough as she is though, she is still mommy's little sweetie, and always up for a good hug.

Sawyer is a 5 year old chatterbox. He talks day and night and never tires of asking questions. He thinks that fire trucks and police cars are about as cool as cool can get and plans to be a fireman someday. He loves all things to do with numbers and counting. He adores his preschool class and is learning so much, and making lots of new friends, but his best friend is still Spence.

Spencer is my little attitude boy these days. Don't make him mad unless you are willing to deal with his firey 5 year old temper. He loves to dance and play with his brother, and also is in love with fire trucks and police cars. He loves to work with his hands, and can figure out any lock, door or puzzle if he sits down with it. He has a sweet smile and laughs big belly laughs all day.


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