My photos!
Watch me GROW!!

Here I am one day old, and already cute!

I could barely sit up for my first haircut,
because I was so little.

Here I am one year old, opening my mom's
birthday pressents for her!

Here is a picture of my
mommy and me, when my mommy was pregnant with my sister Julia.

And here I am at the hospital, getting my doll dressed
so we can take her and my new baby sister home!

Here I am posing in the leaves I just raked up.

And on Christmas when I was 3
I got a dress up box, and got all pretty!

Here I am sporting a new haircut AND a new swimsuit
in the sumer of 2002!

In 2002 I also got a SLUMBER PARTY
for my 8th birthday!

Check out the photo albums on my mom's home page for more recent pictures of me and my family!