We took the kids to the pumpkin patch, and they were all very impessed with the giant ones.

Lydia picked out hers by the pretty color.

Julia liked the bright white ones.

The boys just wanted one their size.

Spencer had enough pumpkin hunting, he wanted to play in the hay maze!

Julia found a hiding place to scare people from in the maze.

...And Sawyer found a window to spy on us from!

Now off to work in the flower beds!

OK, not working in the yard a smuch as playing in the sprinkler. .

Spencer was the first to notice when the spriklers came on.

Sawyer figured it our pretty quickly though.

Julia joined in on the fun quickly.

Lydia was too busy riding her bike to get wet...at first.

Spencer was really enjoying himself.

..and decided to get his hair wet.

Sawyer just wanted to figure the sprinklers out.

..and he got very wet, and VERY dirty!

Lydia finally joined the others in the wet, dirty garden.

Sawyer got sprayed in the toosh whenever he bent over to grab the hose.

Sawyer got thirsty and got a drink from the sprinkler.

Not to miss out on a good drink, Spencer got himself a taste of the water too.