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The Peanuts:

Spencer & Sawyer...no..He did it!

Julia leaning on Lydia

My Lydie-loo laughing in the wind

Miss Julie-blue-eyes

...when Saw-man grins like this..it means trouble..

Mr. Pence thinks falling on his butt is very funny

The Fab Four

Rollin' & Splashin'

the girlies speed-scooting

Spencer just looks downright naughty!

Sawyer is all wet

Lydia, the bikini girl

Mommy & me(& me....us too)

Mommy & Sawyer

Me & my peanut crew

Daddy & his boys

...sigh...first day of preschool...

up close with the peanuts...

Spencer saying, "CHEEEEEESE!"

Spencer being silly & posing

Sawyer says, "Oh woe as me."

My smily Saw-man

Julia's shy smile

Julia-Queen of pouting

Lydia's quiet time in the yard

Chatting with Lydia

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