Science Fair, 2006Science Fair

ribbon Lydia entered the school science fair with dreams of answering the age old question, is a dog's mouth really cleaner than yours or have millions of old ladies been wrong when you acted disgusted about their little Fifi licking you on the mouth?

So, she swabbed in the insides of some family cats' mouths, dogs' mouths, and her siblings' mouths(to get male/female pairs of each species), put the samples in some agar and waited.

*What she learned was that my cocker spaniel(Mabel) has a rather revolting mouth(no surprise to those who have smelled her breath), and in general dogs are dirtier than cats, cat are better than humans, and males tend to have cleaner mouths than females. Weird, huh?

* She also learned...she is not all that keen on winning 2nd place. Such a perfectionist!


Oh well...*I* was proud of her.



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